Saturday, August 25, 2012

Watching Isaac

TS Isaac weakened a bit and got a bit disorganized going over Haiti (probably a common problem if you drink the water) and still has to weather Cuba, but has lots of fuel in the form of bathtub-temperature water at its disposal after that. The maximum sustained winds are 70 mph which puts it just shy of a category one hurricane, but because of Cuba the strengthening to hurricane status will probably be put off a little longer.

The change from this morning's forecast is a projected strengthening to category two status before landfall. Speaking of landfall, I'm going to be watching this closely. We have an old family beach house at Indian Pass Beach (Between Apalachicola and Port St. Joe) and while it has withstood over a century of hurricanes, I always worry there will be one too many. The projected landfall is the western panhandle of Florida which would put Indian Pass in the dreaded northeast quadrant. The beach house would probably hold up fine under a category one (or two) hurricane but the northeast quadrant can also contain an inordinate number of tornadoes.

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