Tuesday, August 28, 2012

(Finally!) "Hurricane" Isaac [With updates]

Well, it's about time! I missed the advisory 30 minutes ago (wasn't expecting it and you have to clean the kitchen sometime) so my sister had the joy of texting me to tell me that Isaac had finally attained hurricane status.

It's gotten rather pretty too... (But notice the blurb at the top left still says "tropical storm")

Tuesday afternoon (28th): The last update showed steady winds of 80 mph with gusts to 95 mph so there is some slow strengthening going on. I'm not sure how much stronger it will get before interaction with the coast starts bleeding out the energy. We've had one rain band go through, not much more impressive than a garden-variety rain shower. At the moment the sky is streaked with clouds with plenty of blue sky showing. The next band looks bigger and stronger but it's still a ways off. Because we're between bands, the breeze is light, there's the lack of rain and the bits of blue sky, and all in all it makes one feel foolish about cancelling Vespers. However, several hours ago we really didn't know what conditions would be and it seemed better to be safe than sorry.

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