Monday, August 27, 2012

Waiting for Isaac [with updates]

Monday morning (27th): Isaac is still trudging NW but hasn't had any significant strengthening supporting the probability that it will only attain cat. one status before landfall. Earlier, based on the 5 AM advisory I was thinking landfall may be closer to Tuesday afternoon but after seeing the 11 AM advisory it looks more like Tuesday evening. They also (although they have not specifically stated this) seem to think the forward motion will slow down significantly once landfall is made. That will create a little more hazard from the prolonged rain. It's a beautifully clear, sunny day right now although some advance cirrostratus can be seen. More cloud cover should be in place by evening. There is a very, very light breeze out of the NNE.

I've found one webcam on the AL beaches that is (sometimes) working. LINK

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Monday Evening (27th): The last advisory changed the forecast again, upping the estimate to a cat. 2 at landfall. The outer rain bands are already coming across the toe of Louisiana and you can see a nice upward curve in windspeed on the offshore buoys. Here it's merely a nice (warm) summer evening with just a little breeze here and there.

A young cat has made itself at home with us. It has a flea collar on and is obviously domesticated and in good health. However, we already have two adult cats who were less than impressed with this little interloper. I'm sure it lives at the house on the corner where I've seen several cats in the past. It needs to go on home before tomorrow before the weather gets bad. We're not taking any of our own cats in and we certainly aren't taking in someone else's. Our cats will be perfectly happy under the house as usual. Since the children have played with and petted the cat all day it is in no hurry to leave. Sigh.

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