Saturday, August 25, 2012

Edging West...[with updates]

Saturday Evening (25th): TS Isaac computer models have slid a bit west of earlier predictions. Now it looks much more like we'll be affected personally (and that the beach house will be fine) but it's still to early to tell.

I hope people will forgive me if I do a little happy dance now. (:

Sunday Update (26th): Models still look like the one from last night. Isaac should make landfall in the Keys this evening and then the big question remains: where will he go?? It all depends on the trough to the north. If it gets ahead of it (looking less likely) then it makes a fairly sharp curve to the north and east. If it gets stuck behind heads much farther west. If it makes landfall around MS/LA on the 29th (Wednesday) then it will be hitting in about the same place seven years to the day after Hurricane Katrina. Amazing. At least it shouldn't be a cat. 4/5. At the moment, the west panhandle of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana are under a hurricane watch.

Sunday Evening Update (26th): Despite greater organization in the eyewall, TS Isaac has not intensified yet. Considering it will be over the bathwater in the Gulf shortly I think we can assume it will be a hurricane soon. Models have continued to stay in the general area indicated in the map above. I went out to get some necessities (water, tp, charcoal, lighter fluid, canned fruit, etc., etc.) and noticed that the town appears to be completely out of jug water. Bottled water is still available but is going fast. I got two cases of bottled water. I'm going to fill a lot of clean plastic containers with water and freeze them and fill a lot of clean glass jars I've saved and put those in the fridge. If things look impressive on Tuesday afternoon I'll make sure everyone is clean then fill the bathtub. The lady checking me out said that last time (i.e. Katrina) they filled their bathtub too - also a clawfoot - and ran out. She said that people were buying large trash cans to fill with water. Not a bad idea come to think of it. I do think that the rush to empty the store shelves (there was NO bread) and stock up on water is an indication of how much people here suffered during Katrina in 2005. Many places around here had no power for 3 weeks and no water for most of that. Isaac is almost certainly not going to be another Katrina so I think we'll be in good shape.


Another Weather Geek said...

Hope that you all stay safe in Isaac! I know the feeling of getting ready for a hurricane to come rolling in -this time last year we were bracing ourselves for Irene.

BTW, you are seriously testing my resolve to not read blogs during the week, now that I've found this one through PWMF. :)

-Another Weather Geek :)

Matushka Anna said...

So glad to find another Weather Geek! (: