Thursday, August 30, 2012

Local Aftermath

We seem to be among the very lucky people because we only lost power for a few hours last night, still have power, water and internet...and an intact roof. The other side of our street doesn't have power and indeed, most of our town doesn't have power. In fact, I can hear the generator running at the ATT building on the opposite corner of our block. Our house is fine; we mostly have small debris covering everything. The church and hall are fine except for the same small debris. I went out to see what was going on (which you're not supposed to do) and took some pictures. I did pass one house partly smashed by a large tree, but I didn't take a picture; it seemed heartless.

This is at the end of our street, a block and a house away. 

Looking through the blocked intersection.

Another view. You can see it came down right across the power lines.

Three blocks from our house.

About ten blocks from our house.

About five blocks away on the main road. The signals are out.

And in one case...missing.

About eight blocks from our house in another direction.

About four blocks away.

And, a little closer to home, the zinnias survived.

And we wound up with just a light covering of small debris.

Interestingly, I found this graphic:


Our little town has achieved notoriety. Also, it explains why the dam at Percy Quin State Park is full and about to go. They are evacuating 50,000 people below the dam in Tangipahoa Parish, LA. Let's hope it holds.



Rebecca said...

That's a lot of damage around you!

Michelle M. said...

WoW! That is a lot. Prayers for everyone affected, especially with all the work that they'll need to do soon.

Mornings with Milo said...

CANNOT believe the flowers made it!!!

Matushka Anna said...

I know, Em! All these big trees down, yet my little, staked zinnias survived! (c;

Kim said...

My MIL lives in Hammond. Awfully close to the evacuation area! I hope the dam holds.

Funny about those zinnias! I knew they were tough, but THAT tough?

Edwina Sybert said...

You're among the lucky ones, my friend. I just wish that even though I’m in the middle of a storm, I also have internet access. This way, they can report what's happening in their neighborhood and get their local officials and/or rescue personnel to those who need immediate assistance.